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  • Nombre: Slender 2D: Sanatorium
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  • 2013-02-09 04:01

Slender 2D: Sanatorium Descripción del juego: _Instructions:

*)Move with A D or left/Right Keys

(If you cant move click the stage).

*)When you see an arrow in the stage you can go down and up pressing down/up arrow or W(go up) S(go down).

*)Turn on/off the lantern with a click in the stage or press 'F'.

*)Remember you have to escape from slenderman

>>If you cant move click the stage<<

-TIP: If you are cornered by SlenderMan, you have to turn off the lantern and wait a little and maybe he will gone...

PD: If you see any bug tell me. :p

This Game is based in "Slender" and "Sanatorium"(the map).

And have one sound from "Amnesia : the dark descent"

I make this game because like 3 people ask me for this... xD!

Not really, the people still keeps plaing slender 2D so, I make a new Slender 2D for the people(? for YOU! or maybe not YOu, maybe other... xDª! I mean What the hell are you reading?? go and play the game >:/


If the game is slow turn off the light(up in the game option(no inside the game(?))

or right click->quality -> low
Instrucciones de juego:
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