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  • Nombre: Overtorque Stunt Racing
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  • 2013-01-17 04:00

Overtorque Stunt Racing Descripción del juego: Overtorque Stunt Racing - Actually speed the engine speed of the 3D hurricane baked it with a new simulation. Runway race, racing, drift races four modes in the game, you can also manage the police car and motorcycle racing are panic-stricken. 4 more carefully selected cool sports car, unlock a fee oh. Come on! Challenges uncontrollable natural environment, with your high-speed racing experience hurricane fun. - ourminigames.com.
Instrucciones de juego:
↑ ↓ keys on the keyboard arrow keys to control forward and back, ← → keys to control direction, the spacebar / W key to use nitrogen to accelerate, S key to see the rear-view mirror, the T key to switch perspective, the R key reset racing the Shift keys brakes drift. Tip: The game is a 3D effect, there are certain requirements for computer configuration; If the configuration is too low, may occur card screen phenomenon Oh.