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  • Nombre: Mario&Luigi Rpg WARIANCE
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  • 2013-06-20 04:02

Mario&Luigi Rpg WARIANCE Descripción del juego: NOTE: at the beginning you'll only see a white screen.


Please be patient and in a few seconds the loading interface will appear.

Hello again!

This submission of mine is for all the Nintendo fans out there - and I know they're so numerous!

Note, however, that this is just a demo (keep it in mind when you rate it ;) ).

Some of you might have already played this game.

Well, this version is a tad longer than the one before, has some new features and is more polished. I hope you'll like it. :)

VERY IMPORTANT: you can select the language in the options, in the main menu.

The languages available are english and italian. That's because those are the languages I can (barely) speak.

I made an italian translation mainly so that my italian friends could play it and undertsand it.

This game is about the Mario & Luigi Rpg saga, since its gameplay is heavily inspired on that.

But this game allows you to use your two favourite Nintendo characters, too: Wario and Waluigi!

I came up with a similar gameplay for those, I hope it turned out fun! :D

Enjoy the game, and please vote fairly.

Oh, and leave a review! I'll answer to every single one of them! :)
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