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  • Nombre: Hacked Stick War 2 Order Empire
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  • 2013-01-01 04:00

Hacked Stick War 2 Order Empire Descripción del juego: Hacked Stick War 2 Order Empire - Stick War 2 Order Empire Hacked: Hard and Crazy model and skip introduction. Unlimited gold, unlimited technology. Lead your stickman army to victory in the sequel to the real-time strategy game, Stick War. In each battle, you must try to destroy your enemy\\\'s statue, while preventing the destruction of your own statue. Hire miners that can be instructed to pray near your statue for mana or gather gold from the mines. Miners don\\\'t fight, so you will need to train various units that will attack enemies and defend your statue. You can also research new technology, which requires both gold and mana. - ourminigames.com.
Instrucciones de juego:
Mouse to aim. Remember - right click to move & attack. ←→ to move the scene, 1-9 to create soldiers, A to alternate to move attack mode, H for defense mode, Space to select all fighting units. P to pause.