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Crazy Flasher 6 - The Sting Descripción del juego: The latest works of Crazy Flashman add shooting and new scene and roles. You can feel the real fighting in this game.Exquisite music with new story.Enjoy it!
Instrucciones de juego:
When close to the enemy, Press J to attack with knife.The ordinaty enemy can be caught firstly and then attack,← ↓ x 2 can make you to faster move. In this fast move, J or K can let you use different skills with less blood. J + K to throw the grenade. ↓+ ← + K to jump back(If attack the enemy successfully, your blood will be added slightly but use MP score.) ← +↓ + K punch (Use MP) WASD to control the movement. J to attack. K to reload the bullet. B to open the purchase list H to open the help interface.